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Boston's Best Ride Bachelorette Party Bus - "The Bustonian"  - CLICK HERE!

Boston's Best Ride Bachelorette Party Bus - "The Bustonian"  - CLICK HERE!

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For those of you who know the bachelorette wants to have a quiet time with her friends, isn't into the crazy party thing, or just wants to be pampered, we have the ideas for you!

Below, we have listed the top bachelorette party mellow ideas you can use for your party:

Dinner Out:

Choose the bride-to-be's favorite restaurant and all go have a great time!  Tell funny stories about the bachelorette, how you all met her and the funniest story you can remember about her.

This can be a very memorable time for all of you!

Top Mellow Game:

A real fun game that is played at many bridal showers is to first speak with the groom and pick 20 questions such as, "What is your favorite color?", "What is your favorite movie?", "What is your favorite song", "What is your most embarrassing moment?", and more! Have the bride-to-be show you how many she gets right!

This game always gets a laugh when you choose more intimate questions!

Make-up and Pampering Bachelorette Party:

The new trend is to have fun with the bachelorettes and bride to be by all meeting early before going out and spend time at a place getting your make-up done while having a martini or other favorite drink (have a limo or sober driver girls). This is a great way to start off the night of having an awesome time at the bachelorette party! There are other great ways of having fun like visiting the Beauty Bar in your area (if you have one).

There is nothing like getting a manicure and listening to fine music while drinking a martini before hitting the restaurant, clubs and dancing with your divas.

Spa and Relax:

Go to a near-by spa with the girls and get a manicure, pedicure, and massage! You all deserve feeling like queens for a day. This is a great way to all de-stress before the big day! Have lunch out after as a group as you reminisce of the great times together and good times to come! Check out El Coco Faneuil Hall Boston.

Go to a Play/Concert:

No one says you have to do a traditional party! Feel free to go to a play, or a theater near you that has your favorite Broadway play!

If not into the theater, feel free to attend your favorite concert as a group. Can be a lot of fun!

Decorations with Style:

Decorations can make a party festive, whether in a hotel room or someone's house. Purchase some inexpensive decorations like black "Last Night Out" Party Balloons, bachelorette party banners, and other items that you can find here.

Gifts with Style:

Traditionally, you do not have to purchase a gift for the bachelorette, however, it is a nice gesture to get something small as a remembrance of the evening.

Bath and Body gifts are a great way to remind the bride-to-be to relax before her big day!

Get Out Of Town: Get out of town for some fun and sun or adventure. Whether you go hiking, fishing, or just lay in the sun by a pool (or go ice skating/skiing if it is Winter), you will have a great time since you are with great company!  Need More Ideas?  Click Here


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For the bachelorettes who walk on the wild side, we have listed some great bachelorette party ideas for you! Just remember it is important to have the blessing from the bride-to-be that she will be okay with a wild night since you don't want to upset her (It is her party!).

Below you will find some of the most popular wild ideas to choose from:

Bring on the ExoticMale Dancer:

A party can always be spiced up with a male stripper. Make him dress up as a police officer, a fireman, male encounter boston, whatever the fantasy is for the bride since it will make for a memorable time! If in California check out LaBare Hollywood for some Hot Male Entertainment!

If you do go to Las Vegas, make sure to go to Olympic Gardens since they have hot men (

If you are in Boston and want to catch a great bachelorette party show or want some hot
entertainment to come out to you, check out Male Encounter Boston since they are very professional, entertaining and have the hottest hunks you have ever seen. They will give you a show that will make the bachelorette party a huge success and a memorable evening.

For those women who are gay or alternative thinkers, you can find a female dancer on bachelor party fun's female stripper. Just remember to get the bride-to-be's blessing before hiring entertainment.

Learn How To Strip:

Another fun idea is to go to someone's house and take a class in strip dancing. A professional female can come out to your house and teach you the art of pole dancing and lap dancing.

Passion Party:

A more popular party is called a "passion party" where you go to a friend's house and hire a passion party consultant to come out and show different adult toys as well as go over the art of kama sutra to bring back to your relationship after the party is over!

Go bar hopping: Get a sober driver or bus and you are on your way to either one or multiple bar stops. Have the bride get a little tipsy and take lots of pictures!

A great way to flirt with the boys and embarrass the bride-to-be as the night goes on.

Scavenger Hunt with the Bride:

Have all the girls come up with light-hearted dares for the bride to accomplish and check off. Things like "Ask for a Sex On The Beach drink at a bar", "Dance with a bald headed man", "Get a guys underwear", "Have a guy do a body shot off of your stomach", "Have the bride yell in a bar 'I am getting married and I may be making the biggest mistake of my life' in front of everyone", and many more!

Purchase Wild Decorations:

From penis straws to devil veils, the rest is up to your imagination!

Dressing Sexy:

One bachelorette party, all of the girls dresses in black while the bride dressed in white with a white boa! It was a great time and we all looked great! All the guys turned their heads as we walked by which made for a really fun evening!

Dress to impress with all your girls and choose a theme which makes it that much more fun!

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